How To: Change or Set a TimeZone

This article will show you how we choose the timezone for your Organization and Events

Chloe Hill-Huse

Last Update 3 years ago

PlayyOn always attempts to set your timezone for you. First and foremost, when you create and event we attempt to set the time zone according to the event Location. This location must be matched with one of the Google suggested locations in order to work.

Next, if you do not choose a location from Google, we will try to match your timezone to your organization's location. Again, this location must be one of the Google Suggested locations.

Lastly, if you have not chosen any locations suggested by google, we will match the timezone to your computer's current time zone.

If time zones are not displaying correctly, you will want to check your event's location first!


STEP 1: From the Event page, select the manage button on the event which you wish to change the location of.

STEP 2: Click the ‘Edit Event’ button from the Management Toolbox.

STEP 3: When you set up the event you would have added a location. In this example “Whyte Hart Lane” (red arrow) is not recognized as a proper location and so the time zone will not be correct.

You need to change it to a proper address that the map system recognizes. This will ensure that your time zone is used. Once you see the correct address come up as a suggestion (red circle), select it and it will automatically fill in the full address. Once you are happy, click the blue save button (red arrow).

We suggest if you are looking to put specific location details, such as 'Field 4' to use the description box.

Congratulations, you have successfully updated the location of your Event and the respective time zone, team or event! If you have any further questions or queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via the little blue button on the bottom right corner or at 1.800.993.7964.

We are more than happy to help!

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