Creating Mobile Access to Your Sport Organization

Here is a step by step guide to getting a direct link to your sport organization on your mobile device instead of an app.

Chloe Hill-Huse

Last Update 3 ปีที่แล้ว

NOTE: This will grab the 'logo' already uploaded onto YOUR organization's site on PlayyOn.

1. Click on your web browser (Safari, Chrome, or whatever you prefer).

2. Go to the YOUR website on PlayyOn. For example: (if you don't know what that is, just log in and do a 'search'.)

3. Click on an icon (at the bottom for iPhone and at the top for Android) that looks like this:

 It will pop up a screen:

4. Scroll and click on the button that says: ‘Add to Home Screen”. 

5. Click on the button that says ‘Add’.

A new icon of YOUR sport organization will show up on your home screen:


You are good to go with mobile access to YOUR organization on PlayyOn.

Click YOUR organization's icon. Once you have signed in once, it will remember you!

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