Should I use an "Event" or a "Program"?

Select the right type of registration for your activity.

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When setting up a new activity, choosing "Event" or "Program" is an important first step.

"Programs" will include activities that span multiple dates, include Teams and/or Schedules.

  • Recreational Seasons
  • Team Formation
  • League Play
  • Camps
  • Academy Training
  • and more...

Use an "Event", when you want to publicize an event or activity for a specific date(s). Think an upcoming activity on your calendar.

   Events can be used to add games, practices and more to your organization or a team(s) calendar.

   Some events may be an activity that you want a registration for such as:

  • Tryouts
  • Clinics
  • Meetings
  • Etc.

When setting up either "Programs" or "Events" if you want a registration form make sure to select "Setup Registration"

Don't forget to setup your account for Online Payments, if you want payments made at time of registration! Click here for instructions!

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